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Maya Lin: Mappings
Isaac Julien: Lessons of the Hour
Isaac Julien, CBE RA is one of the most important artists working in film and time-based media. Lessons of the Hour is inspired by episodes…
The Ancient World Gallery
In 2019, the display of SCMA’s ancient art collection was reimagined to provide a more global view of the ancient world. Previously, this…
Arts of Africa, c. 1825–1960
This installation, guest-curated by Dr. Christa Clarke, features a selection of African art from SCMA’s collection. They are displayed…
"A portrait of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan reclining on his throne above a richly decorated carpet as he looks out over a landscape of rolling green hills"

What Does It Mean for a Painting To Be "Mughal?"

April 13, 2022
In this blog post, Shreya Dwibedy ‘22, discusses questions raised by museum database categorization.
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