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The Ancient World Gallery
In 2019, the display of SCMA’s ancient art 集合 was reimagined to provide a more global view of the ancient world. Previously, this…
Arts of A星期五ca, c. 1825–1960
This installation, guest-curated by Dr. Christa Clarke, features a selection of A星期五can art from SCMA’s 集合. They are displayed…
SCMA Then\接下来\
On the occasion of SCMA’s centennial, this exhibition asks what it means to make and continually remake a museum.
Amanda Williams: An Imposing Number of Times 
“How do you bring closure to something that lingers? How do you memorialize an injustice that is ongoing?” These are two of the questions…
The Certainty of Blue IX from Torn Works Series and Untitled from Alchemical Series—are currently 在视图 in the centennial exhibition, SCMA Then\接下来\

Ching Ho Cheng Joins the SCMA Collection

December 10, 2021
姚吴, Jane Chace Carroll Curator of Asian Art, introduces new acquisitions of Asian American artist Ching Ho Cheng that are currently featured in SCMA Then\接下来\.
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